Tuesday, December 25, 2018

get free iphone x,macbook, headphones and many freebies for free of cost


This offer came from Vova app: In this offer you will get free iphone X,macbook, headphones and many freebies for free of cost.

1. Click on the give link Click here

2. Enter your email and password and click on register

3. Now download app then click on Me button (see pic below)

4.  sign-in there with your existing emails and password or register if you not follow above steps.

5.  After doing above step you will got 1 diamond.(see pic)

6. now goto home page and click on freebies now and buy anything under 1 diamond like watches and earphone.

7. After choosing your desired product now fill your address and click continue.

8. Now, you have 2 options for payment ( they charge ₹1.47 for orders outside US) first is debit card and second is paypal

9. I will suggest you to go with PayPal and doesn't matter you use PayPal or not you can pay....

10. After doing payment you will received confirmation email...

11. trusted website.


  1. Fake its not working... Reported!

    1. hi sujit, please tell us your problems we will help you but it's not right way which you are using you can contact us on telegram or whatsapp both

  2. Worst worst.... Ys it is fake not working when go to for payment it will show try again always

    1. Yes it will show since you do not have international debit or credit card

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