Saturday, December 22, 2018

loot deal free earphone sample from Hongkong

loot deal free earphone sample from Hongkong: Guys today we tell you the trick that how anyone can get a imported sample of earphone for free 

This Trick is exclusive and Unews is the only platform World wide to post about this trick with proof

Steps for order

1. click on the given e-mail address Click-Here

2. Write the following lines in the email but not write the same please make changes "Hi perfect zound, I was saw your earphone's unboxing on next 2 android youtube channel. After watching review I was eager to buy that but unfortunately it is not available anywhere. please send me a sample of that".

3. send this massage to perfect Zound. now, like there facebook page. click here

4. After few days (6-7) they replies you that "like our fb page and send a screenshot of that"

5. After 7 days they will ask you about your shipping address.


6. Now will get your delivery in 45 days.